Fall HVAC Maintenance: Prepare Your Home for the Autumn Cold

HVAC maintenanceWe’re in the middle of fall, and winter will be here before you know it. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to prep your HVAC and furnace for peak use. Following a few simple fall HVAC maintenance tips ensures that your home interior will remain cozy as the chill sets in.

Change or Clean the Filter

You should be changing or cleaning the filter at least once a month. If you haven’t been doing so, then fall is definitely the time to start. Make a habit of changing the filter on a set schedule, such as the first or last day of every month.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor portion of the HVAC system is neglected too often. Fall leaves and other debris can become lodged and create a fire hazard. The openings may also accumulate dirt, dust, and pollen. Remove all leaves and dust the surface, especially the vents.

Replace the HVAC Unit

If your unit is more than 10-years-old, then get a professional technician’s opinion on the system’s remaining longevity. We don’t recommend waiting until the system has completely broken before you replace the unit. A new ductless heating system can slash energy usage by as much as 40%.

Adjust the Thermostat

Many homeowners let the thermostat adjust itself or just don’t bother with it at all. Different people feel comfortable at different temperatures. Room temperatures can also be lowered when the living area is unoccupied. Adjust the thermostat based on each occupant’s comfort level and who is and isn’t in the room.

Leave Fall HVAC Maintenance to Us

HVAC care not only provides better warmth but also better indoor air quality. This is especially relevant when the fall air is filled with allergens. Call WestCoast Heating & Air for fall HVAC maintenance; your unit will perform optimally when it matters most.

Fall HVAC Inspection and Repairs

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