How to Increase Indoor Humidity This Winter in Puyallup

indoor humidity, increase humidityWith winter in full swing, expect drier weather. You can feel the low humidity, which could result in dry skin or plugged sinuses. What can you do to increase indoor humidity? Fortunately, increasing the moisture content in the air is quite easy.

The Difficulties of Low Humidity

Humidity is tied to indoor air quality. Humidity drops during winter because cold air lacks the ability to hold water vapor. The dry weather can create temporary, albeit annoying, health issues, such as dry throats, chapped lips, flaky/itchy skin, etc. More seriously, dry weather can affect your mucous membrane, impairing its ability to fend off the common cold and flu.

How to Increase Indoor Humidity

You HVAC may also play a role in the home’s humidity levels. Old-style forced-air heating systems, for example, suck moisture out of the air, creating a drier climate. Upgrading to a modern gas furnace will improve matters exponentially.

Another option is to invest in a vaporizer. This appliance boils water and releases the resulting vapor into the air. One benefit of this is that since the water is boiled, it minimizes the odds of bacteria spreading. Vaporizers, though, can be a hassle to clean, and they’re energy eaters.

Add Plants to the Household

If you’re exploring a more energy-friendly method, consider incorporating a few indoor houseplants. Plants continuously release moisture from their leaves and stems in a process known as transpiration. For maximum transpiration, keep your plants watered on a regular basis.

Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality

One New Year’s resolution idea is to upgrade your home with a new ductless heating system. This keeps indoor temperatures cozy while slashing energy usage. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air to learn more. Indoor humidity doesn’t have to be excessively low in your place of residence.

Residential Indoor Air Improvement

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