How to Prevent Wall Ghosting in Puyallup

wall ghostingWhen we say “ghosting,” we are not referring to any spooks or paranormal-related activity. In HVAC terms, the word refers to a common condition that occurs on your walls or ceiling. Here’s what you need to know about wall ghosting: what it is and how to prevent it.

What Is Wall Ghosting?

Ghosting is an issue where dark streaks appear on your wall and/or ceiling. If left alone, the streaks expand and may even spread around the corners, and along rafters and wall studs. Sometimes, the streaks form what resembles a human silhouette, hence the term. However, the manifestation isn’t due to a ghostly apparition. There is a far more logical and mundane explanation.

What Causes Ghosting?

The streaks are the accumulation of dirt, soot, and airborne dust. The streaks are also known as thermal tracking. Several factors cause tracking to begin, such as:

  • High electrostatic presence
  • High volume of air flowing through the building’s envelope
  • Abnormal indoor air quality, such as excessive humidity

Ghosting is usually an indicator of insufficient insulation. The condition is also more common during low temperatures when cold air penetrates the wall. Condensation forms on the walls, becoming a magnet for dust and microscopic debris.

How to Prevent Ghosting

Here are a few tidbits of advice for minimizing ghosting:

  • Vacuum often if you have a rug or carpeted floors
  • Seal the windows and doors to prevent open drafts
  • Make sure heaters, stoves, and dryers are well vented
  • Regularly change the filter in the AC and gas furnace

Some homeowners simply paint over the streaks. This will do nothing to prevent them from returning.

We Improve Indoor Conditions

As we pointed out, ghosting is partially due to equipment like the HVAC and furnace. We can inspect these items to ensure they are running optimally and not emitting unwanted airborne contaminants. Call WestCoast Heating & Air to prevent wall ghosting from recurring.

Indoor Air Quality Treatment

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