Exploring the HVAC System and Germs Connection in Puyallup

HVAC system germs, HVAC germsWe’re in a trying time right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are conscious than ever about spreading germs and getting sick. With this in mind, let’s consider the connection between your home’s HVAC system and germs.

How Are the HVAC System and Germs Connected?

Germs that contribute to the flu and common cold are airborne. An HVAC system works by recirculating air in and out of the home. The air can become contaminated in the process, allowing germs to “hitch a ride” in the circulating air. In addition to viruses and bacteria, pollen and allergens also contribute to the contaminating of indoor air quality. These affect many commonplace seasonal allergies.

How to Reduce Airborne Germs

You need to clean the HVAC system periodically. Parts like the air filter, coils, and blower fan become caked in dust and other contaminants over the years. While the homeowner can switch out the air filter, the other components require professional cleaning.

In addition, you also need to arrange for an air duct cleaning. The tunnels and vents that make up the air duct system accumulate debris, ranging from the common dust to insect remains.

Finally, consider incorporating an air purifier that scrubs the air as it cycles through the HVAC. This reduces the airborne virus and bacteria count.

Replace Outdated Units

Traditional HVAC units are more prone to spreading germs. Consider upgrading to a ductless heating and cooling system. As suggested in its name, the system does not require a traditional air duct system. This drastically reduces the spread of contaminated air.

We Maintain/Install HVAC Units

Please stay safe as the world undergoes a pandemic. One way to keep your family healthy is by maintaining your heat and air conditioning system. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for HVAC maintenance. Do not ignore the connection between the HVAC system and germs during this time.

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