Tips for Reducing Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Summer is here; the heatwave alone doesn’t make the weather unbearable. It’s the accompanying humidity that gives the temperature that sticky and icky feeling. Learn how reducing indoor humidity can make the weather a bit more tolerable.

Maintaining Relative Humidity

Summer humidity in Puyallup usually ranges between 30% to 45%. Taking measures to reduce the humidity if it’s above 45% can help. You can test indoor humidity using an inexpensive hygrometer, available at your local Walmart or drugstore. 

Turn on the AC

Turn on the air conditioner and make sure it’s running properly. The AC blows cool air into the room while cycling out warm and humid air. For best results, be sure the AC has a fresh filter and arrange for an inspection if the unit is an older model. For maximum effect, consider an upgrade to a ductless heating and cooling system.

Take Cold Showers

People love warm showers so much that they use hot water for bathing even during summer. Get into the habit of showering with cooler water. Colder water releases less steam into the air, thereby preventing a humidity spike.  Showering with cool water also lowers your core body temperature.

Remove Indoor Plants

Plants release moisture. If you keep several plants indoors, consider a temporary relocation outside. If you wish to keep them inside, place them in a well-ventilated room with plenty of open windows.

Use Charcoal

Here is a little-known DIY hack involving charcoal briquettes. Apparently, they’re not just for grilling that T-bone steak. Charcoal also acts as an absorbent by sucking moisture out of the air. Give it a try by placing a few briquettes in an open container.

Reducing Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Indoor air quality has much to do with humidity levels. We can repair your HVAC or install a new one. The HVAC system plays a huge role in humidity adjustment. Give WestCoast Heating and Air a call to keep indoor humidity at an optimum level. Contact us today for a consultation.

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