All About Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyallup

thermostat recovery mode PuyallupMost modern homes have a smart thermostat for convenient HVAC adjustment. The thermostat recovery mode is a pertinent feature most homeowners should be aware of. Find out how the recovery mode impacts your air conditioning and heating.

What Is the Thermostat Recovery Mode?

Modern thermostats have an auto control feature that automatically regulates temperatures at certain times of the day. About an hour before the system is scheduled to auto-adjust the HVAC, it will gradually begin to lower or raise the temperature. This is the recovery mode at work. Sudden temperature changes are more taxing on the HVAC and forces it to use more energy. This translates to a higher energy bill; it also elevates risk of an overload or breakdown.

Problems with Temperature Gauge 

Some homeowners notice the control enters recovery mode even when they haven’t set the temperature to change. This may indicate an underlying issue, such as an electrical glitch. If there was a recent blackout, the thermostat may also reset with recovery mode set as default. 

Alternatives to Recovery Mode

You can shut off recovery mode and still cut down on energy costs. When you set the thermostat for temperature changes, keep the change within five to seven degrees. This prevents dramatic shifts that overwork the HVAC.  We also suggest checking the HVAC’s freon level. The system may not work at its peak if it’s low on freon.

We Work on Your HVAC in Puyallup

Thermostats regulate HVAC systems, including ductless heaters and gas furnaces. Call WestCoast Heating and Air if the system or the thermostat begins functioning less than optimally. It’s important to understand how the thermostat recovery mode impacts the heating and cooling. Contact us today for a consultation.

Help With Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyalllup

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