Replacing Your AC and Furnace in Puyallup

replacing your AC and furnace puyallupSooner or later, either the AC or furnace is going to fail. Replacing the AC and furnace at the same time may be better than replacing them separately. Why does the failure of one warrant the replacement of the other?

When to Consider Replacement

First, how do you know when your AC or furnace needs replacement? Keep records of your energy bill statements and review them. Has the bill gradually gone up over the years? If so, and if the unit is 15 years old or older, it’s time for a replacement. Other signs of issues include strange odors and unusual sounds or louder than normal operation.

The Benefits of Replacing Both Units At the Same Time

We recommend having a matching/compatible air conditioner and furnace installed that work together in sync. Preferably, the AC and furnace should be from the same manufacturer and model year. This is a great contributor in keeping energy costs to a minimum. 

The other factor is the installation cost. You save money by having both AC and furnace units installed within the same visit. Installed separately, expect to pay more in labor fees. Installation costs more if the unit is located in a hard-to-reach area. Replacing both units will offset some of the installation fee.

When Is Dual Replacement Not Recommended?

Replacing both units at once isn’t always the best option. Here is our simple rule of thumb: If the unit that’s still working is less than 10 years old, don’t replace it. It doesn’t make sense to replace a fairly new AC/furnace that’s still in good working order. It’s also environmentally wasteful.

Considering Replacing Your AC and Furnace in Puyallup?

The ductless heating and cooling systems we install work in unison for optimal and cost-saving efficiency. Call WestCoast Heating and Air for replacing an AC and furnace together and save money!

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