How Long Does AC Freon in Puyallup last?

ac freon puyallupThe freon in your air conditioning is probably not something you think about. However, it may be the cause of a failing AC. This begs the question: how long does AC freon generally last? When is it time for a replacement?

Lifespan of AC Freon

How long does freon last? 10 years? 20 years? It can actually last for eternity. The fluid is recycled within an enclosed system and not burned up like fuel. However, the AC tubing the freon travels through will begin to wear out with age, causing the freon to leak.

Symptoms of Low Freon Levels

Low freon levels force the air conditioner to work harder. You may notice an uptick in your utility bills. You may also notice the AC blowing lukewarm air. Finally, you may notice condensation buildup on the HVAC surface. These can also be symptoms of other issues. How do you determine that an issue is a freon leak and not something else?

How to Identify a Leak

Replace the filter and remove debris that may be obstructing any openings in an outdoor HVAC unit. Test the AC; does the problem persist? If so, the next step is to arrange for a professional inspection. A leak is the likely culprit. An inspector will measure freon levels using a tool called an AC manifold gauge. If a leak is confirmed, the technician will pinpoint the precise location using UV dye or some sort of bubbling agent.

We Replenish AC Freon in Puyallup

Depending on the location and severity of the leak, we will either recommend freon replacement or replacing the entire HVAC unit with a modern ductless heating and cooling system. Contact WestCoast Heating and Air if your cooling is less than ideal. Leaking AC freon may be partially to blame.

AC Freon Repair and Replacement in Puyallup

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