Don’t Neglect Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

winter furnace care sumner2021 is here and so is winter. Is your furnace in optimal condition to withstand peak usage? Prioritize winter furnace care by making a few easy adjustments to get the most out of the heater while minimizing energy usage.

Inspect the Air Filter 

Change the filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. If you use electrostatic filters, these can be washed and reused. If the furnace also has a humidifier – as some modern models do – then inspect the humidifier’s filter as well. 

Cover the AC Condenser 

Protect the AC condenser when not in use by placing a trashcan lid over it and securing it with bungee cords. Don’t improvise with a plastic tarp, as this will trap moisture and encourage mold growth. The AC condenser is the outer portion containing the grill. 

Note: Do not cover the AC condenser if your HVAC utilizes a heat pump. These systems run year-round and need optimal air circulation.

Keep the Thermostat Consistent

Refrain from constantly adjusting the thermostat’s setting. Doing so increases energy demands on the system. Setting and keeping the system at 68 degrees during waking hours should be enough to keep every indoor occupant cozy. If you still feel a chill, putting on an extra layer of clothing will easily do the trick.

Seal the Air Ducts

An air duct leak can greatly erode indoor air quality and cause up to 20% of heat loss. Have a technician examine the ductwork for any leaks and have any penetrations sealed. Alternatively, you can avoid the issue altogether by upgrading to a ductless heating system.

Let Us Handle Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

Is your home primed for the incoming cold? Contact the experts at WestCoast Heating and Air to schedule a furnace inspection. Leave the winter furnace care to us to ensure ample indoor warmth.

Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

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