How Does Rain Affect the HVAC Equipment in Parkland?

rain HVAC equipment Spring rain is common in the greater Parkland region. Is there a correlation between the rain and HVAC equipment? Can rainwater affect the outdoor portion of the system?

HVAC Design

First, let’s discuss how an HVAC system operates. Air conditioners use a heat pump to push hot air away from the interior. Most residences have a split HVAC system where the condenser and compressor are located outdoors. The system is designed to resist weather elements like direct sunlight, rain, and snow. Most modern systems have a corrosion-proof cover for extra durability.

Rain and HVAC Equipment: The Association in Parkland

Rain is of little threat to the HVAC system. However, if it’s raining cats and dogs, it can result in pooling water that surrounds the HVAC unit; this is a problem. Heat pumps can work in the rain without trouble, but it’s a whole other issue when the component is partially submerged in water. The flooding can also wreck the internal motor and wiring.

Protecting the HVAC Unit

Some homeowners safeguard the HVAC from rain by throwing a tarp or other covering over it. This isn’t wise because this can create a damp environment beneath the covering and prevent moisture from evaporating. Condensation eventually forms that leads to rust and corrosion. Some residences also set decorative items on top of the unit, such as potted plants. Don’t do this because it will obstruct airflow.

Let Us Inspect Your HVAC

Mild rain during this time of year is not a cause for alarm. If a flood arises, though, then you should call WestCoast Heating and Air for a professional inspection. Any effects on the HVAC system can affect indoor air quality. The rain and HVAC system can be a bad combination when a downpour results in a lingering flood.

Rain and HVAC Equipment Care in Parkland

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