Ductless Heating Benefits for the Modern Home in Bonney Lake

benefits of ductless heatingDuctless heating and cooling systems have multiple advantages over the traditional HVAC system. Is your system sufficiently heating up and cooling your home interior? If not, a replacement may be in order. The ductless heating benefits are wide-ranging; making the upgrade may prove to be a smart investment.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Explained

In a ductless system, the air conditioner or heat pump makes up of an interior wall-mounted unit and an outdoor compressor. As implied in the name, ductless systems don’t have a duct. It just requires drilling a miniature hole in the wall. 

Ductless systems also go by the name “mini-split systems” and “zoned HVAC systems.” This is because you can adjust the level of heating/cooling in each individual room. This is a significant game-changer if you have squabbles with other occupants over the thermostat settings.

Ductless Heating Benefits in Bonney Lake

Because the system lacks ductwork, it’s less susceptible to air leaks. Escaped air significantly lowers the system’s heating and cooling capability. In a conventional HVAC system, roughly 25% of heating/cooling air is lost through the ducts.

Ductless systems are also known for their energy efficiency. This is in part due to an inverter-driven compressor that regulates its speed based on indoor temperatures. With conventional HVACs, the compressor shuts off completely. It takes a significant amount of energy consumption for the compressor to restart.

So, how energy-efficient are ductless systems? This varies drastically and is dependent on the model and house size. An ENERGY STAR system can save homeowners around 30% on energy costs. In addition, you may also be eligible for a federal tax credit.

Invest in a Ductless System Today

Do you notice your energy bill steadily rising despite no change in the level of use? It might be time to replace your existing system. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for a ductless system installation. This is an upgrade that will pay itself off many times over.

Reap the Ductless Heating Benefits in Bonney Lake

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