Fall HVAC Maintenance in Puyallup: Prepare Your Home for the Autumn Cold

HVAC maintenanceFall is just around the horizon. This is the ideal time of year to prepare your HVAC and furnace for peak use. Following some easy-to-do HVAC maintenance tips ensures that the home interior stays at a balanced temperature as it gets cooler.

Change or Clean the Filter

Change or clean the filter on a monthly basis. If you haven’t been doing so, then early autumn is the time to begin. Make a routine of inspecting the filter on a set schedule, such as the first or mid-point of every month.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor component of the HVAC unit tends to be overlooked. Fall leaves and other debris can get lodged in the vents and openings, creating a fire hazard. The openings may also accrue dirt and dust. Rake away the leaves and wipe the vents clean.

Replace the HVAC Unit

If you have had your HVAC for 10 years or more, then get a professional evaluation to determine the system’s estimated remaining life. Don’t wait until the unit has fully croaked before you replace the system. A new ductless heating system installation can reduce energy use by up to 40%.

Adjust the Thermostat

Many homeowners don’t mess with the thermostat and just let it auto-adjust. Everyone’s comfort level differs, so adjust the thermostat based on who is and isn’t occupying the home. As a general rule, the thermostat can be lowered by several degrees without sacrificing comfort when the main living room isn’t occupied.

Let Us Handle Fall HVAC Maintenance in Puyallup

HVAC care leads to optimal interior comfort and improved indoor air quality. This is particularly important as the autumn air is full of microscopic allergens. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for fall HVAC maintenance; your unit will perform at its peak in accordance with the surrounding temperatures.

Fall HVAC Maintenance and Repairs in Puyallup

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