Ductless HVAC Systems for Older Homes in Orting: Is This Doable?

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Older homes have quite an amount of charm. They can also have the same function of modern homes if they’re properly retrofitted. With this comes the question of whether older homes can be upgraded with a modern ductless HVAC system. To what extent is this viable?

Why Traditional HVAC Systems Are Incompatible

You can indeed install a ductless system for an aging house. In fact, it’s more doable than installing a conventional HVAC system. Housing units constructed in the 1970s and prior have the AC and gas furnace stored in the basement. There are a series of ducts in the walls that shuttle the air or heat into the individual rooms. If you were to install a new and conventional HVAC unit, the entire ventilation and duct network would have to be torn down and refitted. That means tearing down the walls to access the ducts. It’s inefficient and pricey.

Why Ductless Systems Are the Way to Go

Ductless HVAC units are installed in specific rooms with zero need for any ductwork. There’s no need to tamper with the walls. Ductless systems are also far more energy efficient. Energy efficiency is an attribute that’s often lacking in older houses, condos, and apartments. With this HVAC type, you also have the luxury of adjusting the temperature setting in each room. Ductless systems are also becoming more commonplace in older public facilities, such as old-style bed and breakfasts and historical lodges.

We Install Ductless HVAC Systems Around Orting

We often install ductless HVAC systems for various residences, including housing units constructed decades ago. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for a consultation regarding your heating and cooling options. Ductless HVAC systems are definitely viable for older houses and public facilities to get them up to date without sacrificing their charm.

Ductless HVAC Installation Near Orting

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