How to Increase Indoor Humidity This Winter in Puyallup

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With winter comes dry weather. This is something that’s palpable and manifests in the form of dry skin or sinus issues. One way to address dry weather is by increasing indoor humidity in your Puyallup home. This is something that’s fairly easy to do with a few simple adjustments.

The Problem with Low Humidity

Humidity is linked to indoor air quality. Humidity dips during winter because cold air is less able to retain water vapor. The dry weather can lead to minor health problems like dry throat and chapped lips. Low humidity can also irritate your mucous membrane, hampering its ability to fight off viruses that cause the flu and common cold.

Ways to Increase Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Your HVAC contributes to the home’s humidity levels. Old-style forced-air heating units, for instance, suck moisture out of the air. Upgrading to a new gas furnace will drastically improve humidity.

Another route is to purchase a portable vaporizer. This appliance heats water and releases the vapor into the air. One advantage of this is that it minimizes the proliferation of airborne viruses since the water is boiled, thereby killing the bacteria. Vaporizers, however, do consume quite a bit of energy and are also cumbersome to clean.

Add Indoor Plants

If you prefer an eco-friendlier approach, then add a few houseplants. Through a process known as transpiration, plants release moisture into the air through their stems and leaves. For best results, keep the plants watered regularly.

Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality

A New Year’s resolution idea is to update your home with a modern ductless heating system. This keeps the interior nice and cozy while minimizing energy usage and preventing excessively dry air. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for permanent solutions to better indoor humidity and air quality.

Indoor Humidity Improvement in Puyallup

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