How to Identify Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

heat pump problem, heat pumpMore homeowners are investing in heat pumps as an energy-saving substitute to traditional furnaces. However, like most appliances, issues will arrive sooner or later. It’s essential to recognize heat pump problems and contact a technician for repairs before issues exacerbate.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Is the heat pump not switching on? The unit may have one of the following problems:

  • Broken thermostat: there may be a miscalibration with the thermostat or a wiring abnormality.
  • Faulty reversing valve: the reversing valve reverses the flow of the refrigerant, allowing the appliance to work as both a heater and air conditioner. A worn reversing valve may keep the appliance from switching on.
  • Broken starter capacitator: Do you hear a clicking sound when switching on the unit? The issue may lie in the starter capacitator; this part may not be sending an electrical current to the motor. 

Heat Pump not Heating

If there is little to no heat, then there may be a blockage. This can be caused by outdoor debris, such as leaves and dirt. This inhibits the appliance from transmitting outdoor heat into the home interior. It may also be the case that you have a clogged air filter that keeps the compressor from receiving sufficient air.

Heat Pump Runs Nonstop

The thermostat controls indoor temperatures by cycling the heat pump on and off. If it just runs constantly without cycling off, then there’s a problem. Again, there may be a thermostat miscalibration. Another possibility is a faulty compressor contractor.

We Treat Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

We service both heat pumps and traditional gas furnaces. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air if you notice abnormalities in your HVAC. Heat pump problems won’t dissipate on their own and require professional intervention.

We Diagnose Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

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