All About Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyallup

thermostat recovery mode PuyallupMost modern HVAC units have a feature known as a thermostat recovery mode. This is a function every homeowner should be privy to and learn how to use. Find out how the recovery mode affects the home’s air conditioning and heating.

What Is the Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyallup Homes?

Modern thermostats have an auto-control function that adjusts indoor temperatures at certain times throughout the day. About an hour before the automatic temperature change, the recovery mode kicks in and gradually lowers or raises the temperature until it’s at the desired temperature by the set time. This prevents sudden temperature fluctuations, which are far more taxing on an HVAC system. Sudden fluctuations also consume more power and put the unit at risk of a breakdown from an overload of power.

Problems with Temperature Gauge 

Some homeowners notice the control goes into recovery mode even though they haven’t set the temperature to auto-change. This may be a sign of an electrical problem. Recovery mode may also be set as the default mode by the manufacturer. If a blackout were to occur, the system might revert to this mode when power resumes.

Alternatives to Recovery Mode

It’s possible to keep energy consumption to a minimum even with recovery mode off. When you set the temperature to automatically change, keep the change within five degrees. This prevents significant shifts that force the HVAC to work harder. Having a technician check the freon levels is also a good idea. Low freon levels affect HVAC performance and also subsequently affect indoor air quality.

We Work on Your HVAC in Puyallup

The thermostat recovery mode is an essential feature. Contact WestCoast Heating and Cooling to schedule an inspection to ensure this component is working properly. The technician can also inspect related HVAC units, such as the furnace.

Help With Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyalllup

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