Aircon Mini Split AC for Older Homes Near Tacoma: Is This Doable?

aircon mini split AC near TacomaOlder houses from the circa 1900s have a lot of appeal with their classical look. They can also have all or most of the conveniences of a contemporary dwelling if they’re retrofitted. With this in consideration, can you install an aircon mini split AC system for your older Tacoma home?

Why Traditional HVAC Systems Are Incompatible

You can indeed install a ductless system for an older dwelling. In fact, it’s the recommended solution. Homes that were built in the 1970s and before have AC and furnace systems located in the basement. These systems have a pipe network stored behind the walls that shuttle air into the individual rooms. If you were to install a traditional HVAC system, the whole duct system would have to be torn down and replaced. Since they’re placed behind the walls, part of the walls would also have to be torn down.

Why Ductless Systems Are the Best Bet

With ductless cooling and heating systems, you don’t need any ductwork. There’s no need to get to the ducts behind the walls. Ductless units also consume less energy. This is a huge benefit given that older houses tend not to be as energy-sufficient due to inadequate insulation. Moreover, ductless systems enable temperature adjustments in each room. This has made the system the air conditioning unit of choice for aging buildings like historical hotels and bed and breakfasts.

We Install Ductless Aircon Mini Split AC Systems

We install ductless HVAC systems for homes, apartments, and facilities in Tacoma. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for an evaluation of your existing system. We’ll determine the kind of maintenance, upgrade, or replacement that’s best. Ductless air conditioning is a great choice for older homes; it provides a modern convenience without subtracting from the curb appeal.

Aircon Mini Split AC Installation

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