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Air Balancing: The Art of Avoiding Hot and Cold Spots in Pierce County

air balancing in Pierce County

air balancing, HVAC air balanceAir balancing is exactly as the name implies. It means having the air evenly distributed over the home interior. When the air isn’t balanced, it can cause cold and hot spots, in turn leading to hampered indoor air quality. Learn the simple tricks for better air balance during the hot and cold seasons.

Adjust the Register

During summer, fully open the duct register on the upper floors and partially close the ones on the first floor. Do this even if there’s no one occupying the upper floors. When fall arrives and the temperature cools, reverse the process.

Put Up Window Drapes

All windows should have some type of covering. The lack of coverings lets sunlight get into the home. This forces the AC to work harder to bring down the temperature. Roughly three-quarters of UV rays that enter through windows are converted to heat.

Be Mindful of Appliance Location

Appliances emit heat during use. Avoid positioning appliances close to the AC unit’s thermostat. The thermostat will detect the appliance’s heat and mistake that for the actual temperature. In response, it will increase the air conditioning output to compensate. This leads to excess energy use when it’s not needed.

Clear the Vents

Don’t place furniture over the vents. Vents require at least 18 inches of free space around them. Move furniture so they don’t obscure the vents. If this isn’t possible, then one workaround is to use a magnetic air deflector. This device redirects airflow to the sides instead of to the front.

We Ensure Air Balancing of Your HVAC in Pierce County

Air balancing is important regardless of whether you have a traditional HVAC system or ductless cooling system. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air if you suspect your system isn’t functioning at peak efficiency.

HVAC Maintenance and Air Balancing in Pierce County

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