Ductless Heating Benefits for the Modern Home in Puyallup

benefits of ductless heatingDuctless heating and cooling systems have diverse advantages that make them a better option over conventional HVAC units. Is your current system adequately providing heat or cool air? The ductless heating benefits are plenty, making the switch a wise investment over the long term.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Explained

With ductless systems, the air conditioner or heat pump consists of an inner wall-mounted unit and an outdoor compressor. As suggested in the name, ductless systems lack ductwork. You just have to drill a hole into the wall to mount the unit.

You may also have heard of ductless systems referred to as mini-split or zoned HVAC systems. This is because you can change the settings for each room without impacting other areas. Continue Reading →

Air Balancing: The Art of Avoiding Hot and Cold Spots in Pierce County

air balancing, HVAC air balanceAir balancing is exactly as the name implies. It means having the air evenly distributed over the home interior. When the air isn’t balanced, it can cause cold and hot spots, in turn leading to hampered indoor air quality. Learn the simple tricks for better air balance during the hot and cold seasons.

Adjust the Register

During summer, fully open the duct register on the upper floors and partially close the ones on the first floor. Do this even if there’s no one occupying the upper floors. When fall arrives and the temperature cools, reverse the process.

Put Up Window Drapes

All windows should have some type of covering. The lack of coverings lets sunlight get into the home. This forces the AC to work harder to bring down the temperature. Roughly three-quarters of UV rays that enter through windows are converted to heat. Continue Reading →

How to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer in Graham

air conditioning sales and installationSummer heat waves usually reach their peak in July. Most Graham homeowners combat this by increasing air conditioner use. This also means more energy use, in turn leading to higher energy costs. Fortunately, there are some minor changes you can make at home to significantly reduce cooling costs.

1. Invest in a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan cools the home via what is known as the wind-chill effect. The fan doesn’t cool the interior directly. Instead, it accelerates the rate at which heat is able to leave your skin. A ceiling fan in conjunction with the AC also helps to disperse the cool air. This can help homeowners raise the thermostat by around four degrees while maintaining a similar cooling effect. Continue Reading →

Why Is an Oversized Air Conditioner Problematic in Tacoma?

Bigger is better, right? Not always, and definitely not in the HVAC industry. Throughout our years of servicing Puyallup homes, we have seen our fair share of homes with an oversized air conditioner. Find out why this is counterproductive for efficient cooling. The Problem with Oversized Air Conditioners An air conditioner that’s too big for your home delivers too much pressure. You may think more pressure is better especially as summer approaches. However, this isn’t so. An improperly sized AC is problematic for a number of reasons. Let’s explore these issues. An AC works by cooling the indoor air and removing moisture. To accomplish the latter, air moves past the cold evaporator coil, causing air temperature to drop and water vapor to condense on the coil surface. With an oversized AC, though, the room cools a lot faster. This leaves insufficient time for water to condense on the coil. This means much of the water vapor is circulated back into the room, creating a “sticky feeling.” While the room temperature may be cooler, the indoor air quality may not necessarily feel better. Other Problems More water vapor means more opportunities for mold and dust mites to proliferate. The moisture can also cause corrosion on the wall, furniture, or anything containing wood. Bigger ACs can also be noisy. Some people have compared the sound to an incoming freight train. In addition, oversized ACs will have more stops and starts throughout the day, accelerating wear and tear. Finally, a high-pressure output equates to higher energy costs. We Install a Properly Sized AC Is your home humid? Does the AC frequently stop and start and also make unusually loud noise? You may have an improperly sized AC. Contact WestCoast Heating and Air for ductless heating and cooling. An oversized air conditioner is counterproductive to home comfort. Residential Air Conditioning Fitting Serving Puyallup, Sumner, Orting, Graham, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Pierce County, Parkland, Waller & Summit

A larger HVAC system means more cooling capability in the summer, right? Actually, an oversized air conditioner isn’t better; in fact, it can be a problem that homeowners should be aware of. Learn why large ACs in smaller homes are an issue.

Why Oversized Air Conditioners Are a Problem

An air conditioner that’s quite large in relation to the size of your house emits excess pressure. You may believe more pressure is better for combatting the summer heat. However, this isn’t the case. An improperly sized AC is an issue for multiple reasons. Let’s look at these issues in depth.

An AC cools a room by removing moisture and chilling the interior air. It reduces humidity via evaporator coil that reduces indoor temperature and allows vapor to condense on the coil. When you have an enlarged AC, the room cools way too quickly and doesn’t allow time for the condensation to take place. This leads to moisture remaining in the air, creating what homeowners often describe as a sticky or stuffy feeling. While the room temperature may be lower, you may not feel more comfortable because of the lack of indoor air quality. Continue Reading →

How Does Rain Affect the HVAC Equipment in Parkland?

rain HVAC equipmentSpring rain isn’t uncommon in the Parkland area. Is there a connection between the rain and HVAC equipment? Can rainwater have a negative impact on the outer component of the system?

HVAC Design

First, let’s talk about how an HVAC system works. Air conditioners use a heat pump to shuttle hot air out of the interior. Most households have a split HVAC system where the condenser and compressor are positioned outside. The system is designed to withstand weather elements like UV rays, rain, and snow. Most contemporary models also have a corrosion-proof cover for added durability.

Rain and HVAC Equipment: The Association in Parkland

Rain poses a minimal threat to the HVAC. However, prolonged and severe rains can lead to floods that partially submerge the HVAC unit. This is where the problem arises. This can interfere with the heat pump’s operation. Flooding can also damage the internal wiring and motor. Continue Reading →

How to Identify a Leaking Heat Pump in Waller

leaking heat pump wallerThe heat pump keeps your house interior cozy. However, like all appliances, it can wear with regular use and age. One common problem is a leaking heat pump. Learn the signs of a leak and why this occurs.

How Serious Is a Leaking Heat Pump in Waller?

Although a leak isn’t super urgent, the fluid can create a puddle under the HVAC unit. This poses an electrical hazard and can also create an environment for mold. The fluid transfers heat from one location to the next. If a leak occurs, there’s less fluid available for this task, leading to less proficient heating. The system will then expend more energy, not to mention it can erode air quality.

Let’s look at the issues behind a leak.

Drainage Problems

Most heat pumps have a drain pan that intercepts water from the dripping condensation. If the pan begins to overflow, the fluid can spill and form a puddle outside the pan. Luckily, most contemporary HVAC units can detect an overflowing pan and automatically shut off as a protective measure.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The condensate drain uses multiple tubes to move water out of the home interior. Blockages may occur that impede the flow, leading to a fluid backup. Eventually, the backed-up water will pour into the pan until it overflows.

Dirty Coil

The evaporator coil accrues condensation that drains into the pan. If the coil gets too dirty or attracts dirt, it can hamper operation, causing the fluid to leak to the ground and not into the pan.

We Address a Faulty Heat Pump

Contact WestCoast Heating and Air if you notice less-than-stellar operation from the furnace or AC systems. A leaking heat pump isn’t too serious, but it is a reason to take action by giving us a call.

Reliable Leaking Heat Pump Repair in Waller

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Finding Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Puyallup

Heating and Cooling ContractorAre you in need of heating and air conditioning services in Puyallup? With respect to your heater and air conditioning units, it’s essential to hire a technician for regular servicing. However, there are dozens of HVAC companies in the area, making a selection difficult. Luckily, with a little research, you can narrow down the options and select a company that provides the much-needed HVAC servicing at an affordable cost. Here are the tips to consider.

1. Speak to People You Know

A good way to locate a technician in your area is to talk to people you know. With most contemporary homes having an HVAC system, there’s surely someone in your inner circle who has utilized heating and AC services in recent history.

2. Do Your Homework

A recommendation from relatives and friends you know is a good start. However, take it a step beyond. Invest time looking up available HVAC companies in your local city. Do they perform the specific service you need, whether that be gas furnace replacement or ductless heating and cooling system maintenance?

Continue Reading →

Replacing Your AC and Furnace in Puyallup

replacing your AC and furnace puyallupNeither the AC nor the furnace is designed to last indefinitely. At some point, you’ll need to replace the units. In fact, there are reasons for replacing AC and furnace at the same time. Learn of the benefits of a dual replacement as opposed to replacing each unit separately.

When to Consider Replacement

How can you know when the HVAC requires a replacement? A good way is to maintain physical or digital records of your energy bill. Have you noticed a gradual increase month over month? If so, and the unit is more than 15 years old, then a replacement is likely in order. In addition, you may also hear unusual noises or a louder-than-normal hum.

The Benefits of Replacing Both Units at the Same Time

We advise having a compatible air conditioner and furnace installed that operate in sync. Ideally, the AC and furnace should be from the same manufacturer and be of the same model year. This ensures the units work in tandem without issue.

The other variable is the installation cost. You save money and time by having both AC and furnace installed within the same appointment. If you install them in separate appointments, you may incur greater labor fees. Fees may also be higher if the HVAC is in a hard-to-access location. If this is the case, you can mitigate the cost by having both the AC and furnace installed together.

When Is Dual Replacement Not Recommended?

A dual replacement isn’t always ideal. Here’s a simple rule: If one unit is under a decade old, don’t replace it. It’s not efficient to replace a unit that still has several years left of reliable operation.

Considering Replacing AC and Furnace in Puyallup?

The ductless heating and cooling systems we install work in perfect sync to produce a cost-effective operation. Contact the pros at WestCoast Heating and Air for replacing AC and furnace to cut back on costs.

Replacing AC and Furnace in Puyallup

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How to Increase Your Indoor Air Quality System This Winter in Puyallup

indoor humidity, increase humidity

With winter comes dry air due to the lack of humidity. Puyallup homeowners may notice this as bodily symptoms begin appearing, such as dry skin. This is directly related to your indoor air quality system. Fortunately, there are adjustments you can make to introduce more humidity into your living quarters.

Why Low Humidity Can Be Harmful

It’s all about indoor air quality and how humidity impacts the surrounding environment. Humidity drops in winter because cold air is not able to hold water vapor as well as hot air. The dry weather can lead to minor health issues like dry throat and chapped lips. Low humidity can also aggravate your mucous membrane, inhibiting its ability to fight off germs that lead to a fever and the common cold.

Ways to Improve Indoor Humidity

Your HVAC plays a significant role in the home’s humidity levels. Old-style forced-air heating units, for example, suck moisture out of the air. Replacing the unit with a new gas furnace will have a positive effect on humidity.

Another option is to buy a portable vaporizer. This appliance boils water and sends the vapor airborne. One benefit of this is that it lessens the concentration of airborne viruses since the water is boiled, thereby destroying the bacteria. Vaporizers, though, do consume a lot of energy. They also require regular cleaning.

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Don’t Neglect Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

winter furnace care sumnerWinter is just around the corner. Is your gas furnace in good enough condition to withstand peak use? Make winter furnace care a priority by making some adjustments to keep your home interior cozy while curtailing energy use.

Cover the AC Condenser 

Protect the AC condenser when you’re not using the unit. This is the exterior part of the HVAC with the grill. The way to protect the system is by placing a waste bin lid over it and securing the lid in place with bungee cords. Some people wrap the unit in a tarp. However, we don’t recommend this as this will trap moisture and induce mold growth.

Note: Don’t cover the AC condenser if your HVAC has a heat pump. These systems run year-long and require maximum air circulation.

Keep the Thermostat Consistent

Don’t repeatedly adjust the thermostat’s setting. Having to continuously change temperatures taxes the furnace; this also increases energy demands. A good practice is to keep the thermostat settings at 68 degrees during waking hours. For most people, this is good enough to keep the interior warm. If you’re still cold, donning an extra sweater will do the trick.

Seal the Air Ducts

An air duct leak can diminish indoor air quality and lead to significant heat loss. Have a contractor inspect the ducts for leaks and seal off any penetrations. Make this a non-issue altogether with the installation of a ductless heating system.

Prioritize Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

Is your home interior in condition to deal with the incoming cold weather? Call the pros at WestCoast Heating and Air to arrange for a furnace checkup. Winter furnace care should be on your to-do list if you anticipate a colder-than-usual holiday season.

Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

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