Tips for Reducing Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Summer is here. The heat alone in Puyallup isn’t too bad; it’s the combination of the heat and high humidity that gives the weather that icky and “sticky” feel. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce indoor humidity at home. This makes the summer weather more bearable.

Maintain Relative Humidity

Summer humidity in Puyallup typically ranges between 30% to 45%. Try to cut down the humidity if it’s higher than 45%. Use a hygrometer to test the humidity. You can purchase one at Amazon at a low cost.

Switch on the AC

Turn on the air conditioner and check to verify that it’s operating smoothly. The AC blows cold air into the room while cycling out warm and humid air. For maximum effect, regularly change out the AC filter. This is especially important if you own an older system that’s more than a decade old. For even better results, invest in the installation of a ductless heating and cooling system.

Take Cold Showers

Homeowners tend to take warm showers even in the summer. Try to shower with cold water instead. Cold water doesn’t release as much vapor into the air. This prevents humidity from spiking after a shower. When you take cold showers or baths, it also lowers your body temperature, making your body feel naturally cooler.

Remove Indoor Plants

Plants release moisture. If you have several indoor plants, move them outside until summer is over. If you choose to keep them in place, then relocate them to a room with adequate open windows and ventilation.

Use Charcoal

Here’s a DIY trick using charcoal briquettes. Charcoal is a natural absorbent that absorbs moisture from the air. Place some briquettes in an open container and leave them out. Replace the briquettes every several days.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Indoor air quality has every bit as much to do with humidity. The HVAC also has a major role, and this is where WestCoast Heating and Air comes in. Contact us to find out how we can serve your AC and cooling needs.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

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How to Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

reduce indoor humidity Puyallup Summer is not far off. It’s not the high temperatures alone that make the weather blistering hot. It’s also the ensuing humidity that gives the weather that “sticky” feeling. Learn how to reduce indoor humidity in Puyallup.

Maintain Relative Humidity

Summer humidity in Puyallup on average ranges from 30% to 45%. Take measures to lower the humidity if it’s higher than 45%. You can test indoor humidity using a hygrometer. You can acquire one at your local drugstore. 

Turn on the AC

Switch on the air conditioner and check that it’s performing optimally. A healthy AC should blow cool air into the home while cycling out warmer and more humid air. Be sure to regularly switch out the HVAC filter and schedule regular professional inspections if the model is more than 10 years old. If you have an aging HVAC unit, consider switching to a ductless heating and cooling system.

Take Cold Showers

Some homeowners fall in love with hot showers so much that they continue to use hot water even in the peak of summer. Make a habit of taking cold showers or baths. Cold water emits less steam, therefore preventing the humidity from increasing. In addition, cold showers reduce your core body temperature, giving you a sensation of feeling cool.

Remove Indoor Plants

Plants release moisture. If you have multiple plants inside the home, consider temporarily moving them outdoors. If you want to keep them indoors, then keep them in a room with plenty of open windows and ventilation.

Use Charcoal 

Here’s a little-known DIY trick involving charcoal briquettes. Charcoal actually acts as an absorbent and can absorb moisture from the air. Place some briquettes in an open jar or container and leave it out in the open.

We Help You Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Humidity plays a great role in Indoor air quality.  The HVAC, in turn, plays a role in humidity levels. Contact WestCoast Heating and Air for an HVAC inspection or new installation. This may help reduce indoor humidity in your Puyallup home.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup Now

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How to Reduce Static Electricity in Your Puyallup Home

reduce static electricity, static electricity Static electricity isn’t dangerous whatsoever, but it can be a nuisance when you get that small jolt of shock. The cause may be partly due to the HVAC system. Learn how you can reduce static electricity naturally and keep those unwelcome zaps at bay.

What Causes Static Electricity?

Static electricity manifests in the air when the humidity is low. The dry air becomes an insulator that enables electricity to accrue in your body. You feel the electric discharge when you touch a metallic surface, such as a steel appliance surface or door handle.

Let’s have a look at how you can minimize static shocks.

Switch to Ductless Heating

Older gas furnaces and heaters can cause the surrounding air to dry out. If you had the furnace for over 10 years, then consider an upgrade to a ductless heating and cooling system. 

Add Potted Plants

Keep plenty of plants indoors and water them at regular intervals. The plants respond by releasing moisturized oxygen into the air. This increases humidity, thereby reducing static electricity.

Add a Home Humidifier

Another smart move is to invest in a portable home humidifier. You can regulate moisture in the air just by toggling with a few buttons. Be sure to use the humidifier in accordance with the user manual.

Use Dryer Sheets

When you dry clothing, toss one or two dryer sheets into the dryer. The sheets coat your clothing with a conductive surface that minimizes electron buildup. You can also directly rub the sheet against the garments.

We Reduce Static Electricity Through HVAC Maintenance in Puyallup

HVAC maintenance is an essential facet in keeping static charge to a minimum. Contact WestCoast Heating and Air if you have HVAC performance issues. The problems may be contributing to airborne static. We help reduce static electricity while also boosting indoor air quality in the process.

Reduce Static Electricity Through HVAC Repair in Puyallup

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Exploring the HVAC System and Germs Connection in Puyallup

HVAC system germs, HVAC germs

Many Puyallup homeowners are unaware of HVAC system germs. There’s indeed a connection between your HVAC unit and airborne bacteria. Learn more about the correlation and what you can do about it.

The Truth About HVAC System Germs in Puyallup

Germs lead to common ailments like fever and the common cold. The HVAC shuttles air in and out of the residence. This can contaminate the air, as it enables bacteria to “hitch a ride,” so to speak. Aside from germs, pollen and other allergens can make their way indoors the same way. This erodes indoor air quality and contributes to allergies.

How to Minimize Airborne Germs

Homeowners should regularly clean the HVAC unit. This includes a thorough wipe down of components like the coils, blower fan, and air filter, which can become a magnet for dust. The cleaning is best left to a professional.

Furthermore, you also need to schedule regular air duct cleanings. The duct tunnels gather dust, insect droppings, and other contaminants. It may also help to add an air purifier. The appliance scrubs the air as it runs through the HVAC and minimizes bacteria circulation.

Replace Outdated Units

Older HVAC systems are more likely to spread germs. The installation of a modern ductless heating and cooling system is a great way to minimize airborne bacteria. The lack of a conventional duct system and tunnels make germs far less likely to spread and contaminate the air.

We Maintain and Install HVAC Systems

Spring is just around the corner. This is also the time when germs and allergens are most likely to spread. This is why it’s important to keep HVAC system germs at bay. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for furnace and air conditioning maintenance. Proper care keeps harmful germs from spreading indoors.

We Minimize HVAC System Germs in Puyallup

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How to Prevent Wall Ghosting in Puyallup

wall ghosting

What is wall ghosting? Ghosting in this sense doesn’t refer to any paranormal activity. This is actually an industry jargon that refers to a condition that manifests on residential walls and ceilings. Learn what ghosting is and how to minimize it.

What Is Wall Ghosting in Puyallup?

Ghosting occurs when blackish streaks appear on the wall. If untreated, the streaks may expand and encompass the seams around the walls, studs, and rafters. At times, the streaks may form shapes that resemble a human outline, hence the term ghosting. However, this isn’t the result of a ghost haunting the home. Rather, it has a completely natural cause.

What Causes Ghosting?

The streaks occur due to the buildup of dirt, contaminants, and airborne particles. Some industry insiders also refer to ghosting as thermal tracking. Whatever you call it, causes may stem from the following:

  • high electrostatic pressure
  • high level of air shuttling through the home’s duct and ventilation system
  • Irregular indoor air quality, such as extremely high humidity

Ghosting may also be a sign of worn insulation. It also happens more often during cold seasons as chilly air makes contact with the wall and acts as a magnet for dirt.

How to Prevent Ghosting

Here are some ways to keep ghosting to a minimum:

  • Vacuum weekly or more if you have a carpeted floor
  • prevent open drafts by sealing windows and doors
  • Be sure heaters, stoves, and dryers receive sufficient ventilation 
  • Periodically replace the filter in the AC and gas furnace

Some homeowners just paint over the streaks. This is only a temporary measure as the steaks will eventually return to the same spot within a couple of months.

We Improve Indoor Conditions

As you can see, ghosting partly stems from issues with the HVAC system. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for an assessment of your cooling and heating systems to ensure they’re all running smoothly. This will prevent all future recurrences of wall ghosting.

Wall Ghosting Prevention in Puyallup

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How to Identify Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

heat pump problem, heat pump More homeowners are investing in heat pumps as an energy-saving substitute to traditional furnaces. However, like most appliances, issues will arrive sooner or later. It’s essential to recognize heat pump problems and contact a technician for repairs before issues exacerbate.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Is the heat pump not switching on? The unit may have one of the following problems:

  • Broken thermostat: there may be a miscalibration with the thermostat or a wiring abnormality.
  • Faulty reversing valve: the reversing valve reverses the flow of the refrigerant, allowing the appliance to work as both a heater and air conditioner. A worn reversing valve may keep the appliance from switching on.
  • Broken starter capacitator: Do you hear a clicking sound when switching on the unit? The issue may lie in the starter capacitator; this part may not be sending an electrical current to the motor. 

Heat Pump not Heating

If there is little to no heat, then there may be a blockage. This can be caused by outdoor debris, such as leaves and dirt. This inhibits the appliance from transmitting outdoor heat into the home interior. It may also be the case that you have a clogged air filter that keeps the compressor from receiving sufficient air.

Heat Pump Runs Nonstop

The thermostat controls indoor temperatures by cycling the heat pump on and off. If it just runs constantly without cycling off, then there’s a problem. Again, there may be a thermostat miscalibration. Another possibility is a faulty compressor contractor.

We Treat Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

We service both heat pumps and traditional gas furnaces. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air if you notice abnormalities in your HVAC. Heat pump problems won’t dissipate on their own and require professional intervention.

We Diagnose Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

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How to Increase Indoor Humidity This Winter in Puyallup

indoor humidity, increase humidity

With winter comes dry weather. This is something that’s palpable and manifests in the form of dry skin or sinus issues. One way to address dry weather is by increasing indoor humidity in your Puyallup home. This is something that’s fairly easy to do with a few simple adjustments.

The Problem with Low Humidity

Humidity is linked to indoor air quality. Humidity dips during winter because cold air is less able to retain water vapor. The dry weather can lead to minor health problems like dry throat and chapped lips. Low humidity can also irritate your mucous membrane, hampering its ability to fight off viruses that cause the flu and common cold.

Ways to Increase Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Your HVAC contributes to the home’s humidity levels. Old-style forced-air heating units, for instance, suck moisture out of the air. Upgrading to a new gas furnace will drastically improve humidity.

Another route is to purchase a portable vaporizer. This appliance heats water and releases the vapor into the air. One advantage of this is that it minimizes the proliferation of airborne viruses since the water is boiled, thereby killing the bacteria. Vaporizers, however, do consume quite a bit of energy and are also cumbersome to clean. Continue Reading →

Does Your Home Have a Carbon Monoxide Leak Near Waller?

carbon monoxide leak

Winter is not far off, and more homeowners are going to turn to their furnace for warmth. However, warming the home poses a risk of a carbon monoxide leak. This is why it’s crucial that you’re able to identify potential signs of a leak of this poisonous gas.

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide, abbreviated as CO, is a toxic gas that’s also flammable. It’s mainly undetectable because it emits zero colors and odors. This has caused people to give the gas the moniker “the silent killer.” When you breathe in CO, the gas suppresses your blood’s ability to carry oxygen to your organs, resulting in asphyxiation.

What Causes a Leak?

CO is created when fuel from a source like oil or coal only burns partially. Appliances like a gas furnace, water heater, and car engine are capable of emitting and leaking CO. This can happen especially if the appliance or vehicle has some sort of deficiency. In the case of a furnace, a CO leak can stem from a crack in the heat exchanger. Continue Reading →

Ductless HVAC Systems for Older Homes in Orting: Is This Doable?

ductless HVAC

Older homes have quite an amount of charm. They can also have the same function of modern homes if they’re properly retrofitted. With this comes the question of whether older homes can be upgraded with a modern ductless HVAC system. To what extent is this viable?

Why Traditional HVAC Systems Are Incompatible

You can indeed install a ductless system for an aging house. In fact, it’s more doable than installing a conventional HVAC system. Housing units constructed in the 1970s and prior have the AC and gas furnace stored in the basement. There are a series of ducts in the walls that shuttle the air or heat into the individual rooms. If you were to install a new and conventional HVAC unit, the entire ventilation and duct network would have to be torn down and refitted. That means tearing down the walls to access the ducts. It’s inefficient and pricey. Continue Reading →

Fall HVAC Maintenance in Puyallup: Prepare Your Home for the Autumn Cold

HVAC maintenance Fall is just around the horizon. This is the ideal time of year to prepare your HVAC and furnace for peak use. Following some easy-to-do HVAC maintenance tips ensures that the home interior stays at a balanced temperature as it gets cooler.

Change or Clean the Filter

Change or clean the filter on a monthly basis. If you haven’t been doing so, then early autumn is the time to begin. Make a routine of inspecting the filter on a set schedule, such as the first or mid-point of every month.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor component of the HVAC unit tends to be overlooked. Fall leaves and other debris can get lodged in the vents and openings, creating a fire hazard. The openings may also accrue dirt and dust. Rake away the leaves and wipe the vents clean.

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