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Should You Turn Off the Household AC When Leaving Your Sumner Home?

Homeowners have a lot of questions regarding best AC use practices. How can they optimize household AC use to derive the most comfort while keeping costs down? One common inquiry is whether to turn the AC off when leaving the home. Leaving the AC On or Off There’s no uniform answer. It depends on multiple […]

What Happens If You Don’t Get an Air Filter Change Near Pierce County?


With summer here, now is the time when most Pierce County households ramp up air conditioning use. This is the perfect time of the year to schedule an air filter change if it has been a while since the last replacement. What will happen to the HVAC if you neglect to follow this essential maintenance […]

Mini Split AC for Older Homes Near Tacoma: Is This Doable?

aircon mini split AC near Tacoma

Older houses from the circa 1900s have a lot of appeal with their classical look. They can also have all or most of the conveniences of a contemporary dwelling if they’re retrofitted. With this in consideration, can you install an Mini Split AC system for your older Tacoma home? Why Traditional HVAC Systems Are Incompatible […]

How Long Does AC Freon Near Graham Last?

AC freon near Graham

The freon in your HVAC system has a significant role in cooling your Graham residence. Do you have to swap out the AC freon in the system much the same way you replace the fluids in your vehicle? The Lifespan of AC Freon How long does freon last? Does it last upwards of 10 years […]

All About Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyallup

thermostat recovery mode in Puyallup

Most contemporary HVAC systems have a feature called the thermostat recovery mode. This is a function all homeowners should be familiar and get acquainted with. Learn how the recovery mode impacts the home’s air conditioning and heating. What’s the Thermostat Recovery Mode? Modern thermostats have an auto feature that regulates interior temperatures several times throughout […]

How to Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

reduce indoor humidity in Puyallup

While high humidity is most common during the summer, it can happen at any time of the year. High moisture in the air can also give the air that sticky feeling. All in all, it can reduce indoor air quality and make the home interior feel less comfortable. Fortunately, there are easy adjustments to reduce […]

Exploring the HVAC System and Germs Connection in Puyallup

HVAC system and germs in Puyallup

Many Puyallup residences aren’t familiar with the possible link between the HVAC system and germs. There’s a strong correlation between the heating and cooling unit and airborne bacteria. Learn how and why this connection exists and what you can do to minimize it.  The Truth About HVAC System Germs in Puyallup Germs cause common illnesses […]

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Waller with the Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner

Indoor air quality is especially relevant in winter, as dry air can increase airborne pollen and aggravate allergies. Make this holiday the time of year to improve indoor living conditions. One way to do this effectively and cost-efficiently is by investing in the Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner. Learn more about this appliance, how it works, […]

How to Identify Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

heat pump problems in Parkland

More residents are turning to heat pumps as an energy-saving alternative to conventional furnaces. However, like most appliances, problems will arise eventually. It’s important to identify heat pump problems early on and contact a technician for repairs before issues worsen. Heat Pump Won’t Turn On Is the heat pump failing to switch on? It may […]

Fall HVAC Services in Kent: Prepare Your Home for the Autumn Cold

HVAC services in Puyallup

Autumn has arrived. This is the perfect time to get your HVAC and furnace ready for peak usage. HVAC services in Kent can prove to be extremely beneficial to ensure you get optimal performance and energy efficiency. We recommend all homeowners follow these tips from the professionals. Change or Clean the Filter Change or clean […]

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