Finding Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Puyallup

Heating and Cooling ContractorAre you in need of heating and air conditioning services in Puyallup? With respect to your heater and air conditioning units, it’s essential to hire a technician for regular servicing. However, there are dozens of HVAC companies in the area, making a selection difficult. Luckily, with a little research, you can narrow down the options and select a company that provides the much-needed HVAC servicing at an affordable cost. Here are the tips to consider.

1. Speak to People You Know

A good way to locate a technician in your area is to talk to people you know. With most contemporary homes having an HVAC system, there’s surely someone in your inner circle who has utilized heating and AC services in recent history.

2. Do Your Homework

A recommendation from relatives and friends you know is a good start. However, take it a step beyond. Invest time looking up available HVAC companies in your local city. Do they perform the specific service you need, whether that be gas furnace replacement or ductless heating and cooling system maintenance?

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Replacing Your AC and Furnace in Puyallup

replacing your AC and furnace puyallupNeither the AC nor the furnace is designed to last indefinitely. At some point, you’ll need to replace the units. In fact, there are reasons for replacing AC and furnace at the same time. Learn of the benefits of a dual replacement as opposed to replacing each unit separately.

When to Consider Replacement

How can you know when the HVAC requires a replacement? A good way is to maintain physical or digital records of your energy bill. Have you noticed a gradual increase month over month? If so, and the unit is more than 15 years old, then a replacement is likely in order. In addition, you may also hear unusual noises or a louder-than-normal hum.

The Benefits of Replacing Both Units at the Same Time

We advise having a compatible air conditioner and furnace installed that operate in sync. Ideally, the AC and furnace should be from the same manufacturer and be of the same model year. This ensures the units work in tandem without issue.

The other variable is the installation cost. You save money and time by having both AC and furnace installed within the same appointment. If you install them in separate appointments, you may incur greater labor fees. Fees may also be higher if the HVAC is in a hard-to-access location. If this is the case, you can mitigate the cost by having both the AC and furnace installed together.

When Is Dual Replacement Not Recommended?

A dual replacement isn’t always ideal. Here’s a simple rule: If one unit is under a decade old, don’t replace it. It’s not efficient to replace a unit that still has several years left of reliable operation.

Considering Replacing AC and Furnace in Puyallup?

The ductless heating and cooling systems we install work in perfect sync to produce a cost-effective operation. Contact the pros at WestCoast Heating and Air for replacing AC and furnace to cut back on costs.

Replacing AC and Furnace in Puyallup

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How to Increase Your Indoor Air Quality System This Winter in Puyallup

indoor humidity, increase humidity

With winter comes dry air due to the lack of humidity. Puyallup homeowners may notice this as bodily symptoms begin appearing, such as dry skin. This is directly related to your indoor air quality system. Fortunately, there are adjustments you can make to introduce more humidity into your living quarters.

Why Low Humidity Can Be Harmful

It’s all about indoor air quality and how humidity impacts the surrounding environment. Humidity drops in winter because cold air is not able to hold water vapor as well as hot air. The dry weather can lead to minor health issues like dry throat and chapped lips. Low humidity can also aggravate your mucous membrane, inhibiting its ability to fight off germs that lead to a fever and the common cold.

Ways to Improve Indoor Humidity

Your HVAC plays a significant role in the home’s humidity levels. Old-style forced-air heating units, for example, suck moisture out of the air. Replacing the unit with a new gas furnace will have a positive effect on humidity.

Another option is to buy a portable vaporizer. This appliance boils water and sends the vapor airborne. One benefit of this is that it lessens the concentration of airborne viruses since the water is boiled, thereby destroying the bacteria. Vaporizers, though, do consume a lot of energy. They also require regular cleaning.

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Don’t Neglect Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

winter furnace care sumnerWinter is just around the corner. Is your gas furnace in good enough condition to withstand peak use? Make winter furnace care a priority by making some adjustments to keep your home interior cozy while curtailing energy use.

Cover the AC Condenser 

Protect the AC condenser when you’re not using the unit. This is the exterior part of the HVAC with the grill. The way to protect the system is by placing a waste bin lid over it and securing the lid in place with bungee cords. Some people wrap the unit in a tarp. However, we don’t recommend this as this will trap moisture and induce mold growth.

Note: Don’t cover the AC condenser if your HVAC has a heat pump. These systems run year-long and require maximum air circulation.

Keep the Thermostat Consistent

Don’t repeatedly adjust the thermostat’s setting. Having to continuously change temperatures taxes the furnace; this also increases energy demands. A good practice is to keep the thermostat settings at 68 degrees during waking hours. For most people, this is good enough to keep the interior warm. If you’re still cold, donning an extra sweater will do the trick.

Seal the Air Ducts

An air duct leak can diminish indoor air quality and lead to significant heat loss. Have a contractor inspect the ducts for leaks and seal off any penetrations. Make this a non-issue altogether with the installation of a ductless heating system.

Prioritize Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

Is your home interior in condition to deal with the incoming cold weather? Call the pros at WestCoast Heating and Air to arrange for a furnace checkup. Winter furnace care should be on your to-do list if you anticipate a colder-than-usual holiday season.

Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

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Why You Need a Furnace Tune-Up in Puyallup

furnace tune-up pierce countyWith autumn here and winter not far off, now is the moment for a furnace tune-up in Puyallup. This ensures optimal heating for keeping the home interior cozy as the temperature gradually dips. Learn why a routine tune-up is advantageous for both residential and commercial furnace owners.

A Tune-Up Honors the Warranty

For the manufacturer warranty to remain in effect, the owner must maintain records of servicing from a certified professional. Review the warranty’s terms. It’ll outline your responsibility as the owner to keep the warranty in good standing.

What Does a Tune-Up Do?

A tune-up consists of a multi-point inspection similar to an automotive inspection. The technician will inspect the following areas:

  • Fan speed
  • Thermostat
  • Heat pump 
  • Rain shield
  • Motor and amp draw 
  • Suction line temperature
  • Capacitator
  • Contactors and relay

This applies to all furnace styles, including electric and gas furnaces.

Furnace Troubleshooting

You don’t necessarily have to call a repair person at the first sign of issues. Try removing the air filter and holding it against a light source. If the light doesn’t shine through, then it’s worn and needs to be replaced or cleaned. You should also examine the thermostat monitor and be sure the setting is on “heat” and not “cool.” Also, check the vent in each room to be certain they’re fully open. If you still experience the same problems, then the next step is to get an HVAC technician involved. 

Schedule an Annual Furnace Tune-Up in Puyallup

Schedule a tune-up at your earliest convenience if it has been more than a year since the last inspection, or if you have never scheduled an inspection before. Contact WestCoast Heating and Air for routine maintenance. This is integral for adequate heating and indoor air quality.

Residential Furnace Tune-Up Experts in Puyallup

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Common Furnace Noises in Puyallup and What They Say About Your HVAC

common furnace noises puyallupNo HVAC is completely quiet while it’s running, not even modern ductless heaters. The sound is usually an even hum. However, if you notice abnormal sounds coming from the furnace, then this may be the appliance giving off signs that something is wrong. Here are some of the common furnace noises and what they may indicate.

Be Mindful of These Furnace Sounds

Grinding – A metal-to-metal grinding noise may hint at a part detaching from the main unit. This can cause further damage if no action is taken.

Squeal – If you hear a squeaking noise or a constant screech, there may be a cracked belt in the blower assembly. A faulty belt can lead to a noticeable loss of heating power and air quality.

Rumbling – If you hear a loud bang in a gas furnace, the fuel is probably not adequately burning. The gas is igniting all at once instead of at a steady rate. This is a safety hazard; we recommend shutting off the appliance and calling a technician. Though rare, the gas not igniting correctly can cause a fire to break out.

Rattling – The furnace rattling and vibrating may be a sign of a loose blower motor. There may also be a loose bolt in the access hatch. The bolts may not have been fully tightened the last time the hatch was opened and shut.

When to Replace Your Furnace

The above noises are more common in older gas furnaces. While we can diagnose and repair most problems, we often suggest a replacement if the unit is more than two decades old. If repairing an older furnace, it’s only a matter of a few years before another issue arises.

We Troubleshoot Common Furnace Noises in Puyallup

Abnormal noises from the furnace calls for a professional diagnosis. Call WestCoast Heating and Air for an evaluation of the system. Some of the common furnace noises warrant a thorough inspection.

Common Furnace Noises, Furnace Diagnosis and Troubleshooting in Puyallup

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Ductless Air Conditioning Systems for Older Homes in Puyallup: Is This Doable?

ductless HVAC

Older homes from the early to mid-1900s have a lot of charm with their classical appearance. They can also have all or most of the conveniences of a modern residence if they’re retrofitted. With this in mind, is it possible to install a contemporary ductless air conditioning system in an older house in Puyallup?

Why Traditional HVAC Systems Are Incompatible

You can indeed install a ductless system for an older building. In fact, it’s a better solution than installing a conventional HVAC unit. Residences that were constructed in the 1970s and before have air conditioning and furnace units stored in the basement. These systems have a network of pipes stored behind the walls that cycle air into the individual rooms. If you were to install a traditional HVAC system, the entire pipe and duct system would have to be torn down and replaced. Since they’re located behind the walls, part of the walls would have to be torn down as well. Continue Reading →

How Long Does Air Conditioning Freon in Puyallup Last?

ac freon puyallupThe freon in your AC system plays a major role in cooling the interior of your Puyallup home. Do you have to replace the freon in the air conditioning system much the same way you replace the fluids in your car?

The Lifespan of AC Freon

How long does freon last? Does it last at least a decade? How about two or three decades? It actually lasts forever. Freon in an air conditioner is cycled within an enclosed system and isn’t burned like the gas in a gas furnace. However, the freon travels through a tube. If this tube is damaged and begins leaking freon, then that is when fluid replacement becomes necessary.

Symptoms of Low Freon Levels

When freon levels run low, the air conditioner has to work harder to produce the same output. This leads to an increase in your energy bill. Another sign is a loss in indoor air quality. You may notice the air feels kind of stuffy or lukewarm. One other sign is condensation on the AC system’s surface. Condensation, though, can be a symptom of a multitude of other HVAC issues.

How to Identify a Leak

Swap the air filter. If you have an outdoor HVAC system, remove any physical obstructions that may be inhibiting airflow to the vents. Does the air from the air conditioner continue to feel stuffy? If it does, then the HVAC likely has a freon leak. The recourse by this point is to contact a technician for an inspection. A technician can accurately gauge freon levels by using a commercial manifold gauge tool.

We Replenish Air Conditioning Freon in Puyallup

If there’s a freon leak, we may replace the tube or the entire HVAC system depending on the severity. In any case, contact WestCoast Heating and Air if you’re not experiencing optimal airflow. If your system needs a replacement, we may recommend a modern ductless cooling system for better energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning Freon Replacement in Puyallup

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All About Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyallup

thermostat recovery mode PuyallupMost modern HVAC units have a feature known as a thermostat recovery mode. This is a function every homeowner should be privy to and learn how to use. Find out how the recovery mode affects the home’s air conditioning and heating.

What Is the Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyallup Homes?

Modern thermostats have an auto-control function that adjusts indoor temperatures at certain times throughout the day. About an hour before the automatic temperature change, the recovery mode kicks in and gradually lowers or raises the temperature until it’s at the desired temperature by the set time. This prevents sudden temperature fluctuations, which are far more taxing on an HVAC system. Sudden fluctuations also consume more power and put the unit at risk of a breakdown from an overload of power.

Problems with Temperature Gauge 

Some homeowners notice the control goes into recovery mode even though they haven’t set the temperature to auto-change. This may be a sign of an electrical problem. Recovery mode may also be set as the default mode by the manufacturer. If a blackout were to occur, the system might revert to this mode when power resumes.

Alternatives to Recovery Mode

It’s possible to keep energy consumption to a minimum even with recovery mode off. When you set the temperature to automatically change, keep the change within five degrees. This prevents significant shifts that force the HVAC to work harder. Having a technician check the freon levels is also a good idea. Low freon levels affect HVAC performance and also subsequently affect indoor air quality.

We Work on Your HVAC in Puyallup

The thermostat recovery mode is an essential feature. Contact WestCoast Heating and Cooling to schedule an inspection to ensure this component is working properly. The technician can also inspect related HVAC units, such as the furnace.

Help With Thermostat Recovery Mode in Puyalllup

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Tips for Reducing Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Summer is here. The heat alone in Puyallup isn’t too bad; it’s the combination of the heat and high humidity that gives the weather that icky and “sticky” feel. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce indoor humidity at home. This makes the summer weather more bearable.

Maintain Relative Humidity

Summer humidity in Puyallup typically ranges between 30% to 45%. Try to cut down the humidity if it’s higher than 45%. Use a hygrometer to test the humidity. You can purchase one at Amazon at a low cost.

Switch on the AC

Turn on the air conditioner and check to verify that it’s operating smoothly. The AC blows cold air into the room while cycling out warm and humid air. For maximum effect, regularly change out the AC filter. This is especially important if you own an older system that’s more than a decade old. For even better results, invest in the installation of a ductless heating and cooling system.

Take Cold Showers

Homeowners tend to take warm showers even in the summer. Try to shower with cold water instead. Cold water doesn’t release as much vapor into the air. This prevents humidity from spiking after a shower. When you take cold showers or baths, it also lowers your body temperature, making your body feel naturally cooler.

Remove Indoor Plants

Plants release moisture. If you have several indoor plants, move them outside until summer is over. If you choose to keep them in place, then relocate them to a room with adequate open windows and ventilation.

Use Charcoal

Here’s a DIY trick using charcoal briquettes. Charcoal is a natural absorbent that absorbs moisture from the air. Place some briquettes in an open container and leave them out. Replace the briquettes every several days.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Indoor air quality has every bit as much to do with humidity. The HVAC also has a major role, and this is where WestCoast Heating and Air comes in. Contact us to find out how we can serve your AC and cooling needs.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

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