Ductless HVAC Systems for Older Homes in Orting: Is This Doable?

ductless HVAC

Older homes have quite an amount of charm. They can also have the same function of modern homes if they’re properly retrofitted. With this comes the question of whether older homes can be upgraded with a modern ductless HVAC system. To what extent is this viable?

Why Traditional HVAC Systems Are Incompatible

You can indeed install a ductless system for an aging house. In fact, it’s more doable than installing a conventional HVAC system. Housing units constructed in the 1970s and prior have the AC and gas furnace stored in the basement. There are a series of ducts in the walls that shuttle the air or heat into the individual rooms. If you were to install a new and conventional HVAC unit, the entire ventilation and duct network would have to be torn down and refitted. That means tearing down the walls to access the ducts. It’s inefficient and pricey. Continue Reading →

Fall HVAC Maintenance in Puyallup: Prepare Your Home for the Autumn Cold

HVAC maintenance Fall is just around the horizon. This is the ideal time of year to prepare your HVAC and furnace for peak use. Following some easy-to-do HVAC maintenance tips ensures that the home interior stays at a balanced temperature as it gets cooler.

Change or Clean the Filter

Change or clean the filter on a monthly basis. If you haven’t been doing so, then early autumn is the time to begin. Make a routine of inspecting the filter on a set schedule, such as the first or mid-point of every month.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor component of the HVAC unit tends to be overlooked. Fall leaves and other debris can get lodged in the vents and openings, creating a fire hazard. The openings may also accrue dirt and dust. Rake away the leaves and wipe the vents clean.

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Air Balancing: The Art of Avoiding Hot and Cold Spots in Pierce County

air balancing, HVAC air balance Air balancing is quite self-explanatory. It means ensuring that air is adequately distributed over the interior. Improper air balance in the HVAC system leads to hot and cold spots, which reduces energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Learn how to balance the air for maximum air efficiency during the peak of summer.

Adjust the Register

During summertime, completely open the duct register on the upper floors and semi-close the ones on the first floor. Do this even if there isn’t anyone present on the higher floors. When autumn comes and the weather gets cooler, reverse the process.

Put Up Window Drapes

Every window should have curtains or shutters. The absence of coverings enables sunlight to penetrate inside the home. This causes the HVAC to work harder to cool the warmer interior. About 76% of sun rays that enter via windows are converted to heat. Continue Reading →

How to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer in Graham

air conditioning sales and installation Summer peaks in July, which means an incoming blistering heatwave. For many residents, this entails running the air conditioner for prolonged periods. Unfortunately, this consequently leads to excess power use. However, with a few minor lifestyle changes in the home, you can drastically reduce cooling costs.

1. Invest in a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan cools you through what is known as the wind-chill effect. The fan doesn’t actually cool the room; rather, it cools you by increasing the rate heat escapes your skin. Using a ceiling fan in tandem with an AC assists in dispersing the cool air. This allows homeowners to raise the thermostat by roughly four degrees while retaining a comparable cooling level. Continue Reading →

Why Is an Oversized Air Conditioner Problematic in Tacoma?

Bigger is better, right? Not always, and definitely not in the HVAC industry. Throughout our years of servicing Puyallup homes, we have seen our fair share of homes with an oversized air conditioner. Find out why this is counterproductive for efficient cooling. The Problem with Oversized Air Conditioners An air conditioner that’s too big for your home delivers too much pressure. You may think more pressure is better especially as summer approaches. However, this isn’t so. An improperly sized AC is problematic for a number of reasons. Let’s explore these issues. An AC works by cooling the indoor air and removing moisture. To accomplish the latter, air moves past the cold evaporator coil, causing air temperature to drop and water vapor to condense on the coil surface. With an oversized AC, though, the room cools a lot faster. This leaves insufficient time for water to condense on the coil. This means much of the water vapor is circulated back into the room, creating a “sticky feeling.” While the room temperature may be cooler, the indoor air quality may not necessarily feel better. Other Problems More water vapor means more opportunities for mold and dust mites to proliferate. The moisture can also cause corrosion on the wall, furniture, or anything containing wood. Bigger ACs can also be noisy. Some people have compared the sound to an incoming freight train. In addition, oversized ACs will have more stops and starts throughout the day, accelerating wear and tear. Finally, a high-pressure output equates to higher energy costs. We Install a Properly Sized AC Is your home humid? Does the AC frequently stop and start and also make unusually loud noise? You may have an improperly sized AC. Contact WestCoast Heating and Air for ductless heating and cooling. An oversized air conditioner is counterproductive to home comfort. Residential Air Conditioning Fitting Serving Puyallup, Sumner, Orting, Graham, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Pierce County, Parkland, Waller & Summit

A larger HVAC system means more cooling capability in the summer, right? Actually, an oversized air conditioner isn’t better; in fact, it can be a problem that homeowners should be aware of. Learn why large ACs in smaller homes are an issue.

Why Oversized Air Conditioners Are a Problem

An air conditioner that’s quite large in relation to the size of your house emits excess pressure. You may believe more pressure is better for combatting the summer heat. However, this isn’t the case. An improperly sized AC is an issue for multiple reasons. Let’s look at these issues in depth.

An AC cools a room by removing moisture and chilling the interior air. It reduces humidity via evaporator coil that reduces indoor temperature and allows vapor to condense on the coil. When you have an enlarged AC, the room cools way too quickly and doesn’t allow time for the condensation to take place. This leads to moisture remaining in the air, creating what homeowners often describe as a sticky or stuffy feeling. While the room temperature may be lower, you may not feel more comfortable because of the lack of indoor air quality. Continue Reading →

Ductless Heating Benefits for the Modern Home in Bonney Lake

benefits of ductless heating Ductless heating and cooling systems have multiple advantages over the traditional HVAC system. Is your system sufficiently heating up and cooling your home interior? If not, a replacement may be in order. The ductless heating benefits are wide-ranging; making the upgrade may prove to be a smart investment.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Explained

In a ductless system, the air conditioner or heat pump makes up of an interior wall-mounted unit and an outdoor compressor. As implied in the name, ductless systems don’t have a duct. It just requires drilling a miniature hole in the wall. 

Ductless systems also go by the name “mini-split systems” and “zoned HVAC systems.” This is because you can adjust the level of heating/cooling in each individual room. This is a significant game-changer if you have squabbles with other occupants over the thermostat settings. Continue Reading →

How Does Rain Affect the HVAC Equipment in Parkland?

rain HVAC equipment Spring rain is common in the greater Parkland region. Is there a correlation between the rain and HVAC equipment? Can rainwater affect the outdoor portion of the system?

HVAC Design

First, let’s discuss how an HVAC system operates. Air conditioners use a heat pump to push hot air away from the interior. Most residences have a split HVAC system where the condenser and compressor are located outdoors. The system is designed to resist weather elements like direct sunlight, rain, and snow. Most modern systems have a corrosion-proof cover for extra durability.

Rain and HVAC Equipment: The Association in Parkland

Rain is of little threat to the HVAC system. However, if it’s raining cats and dogs, it can result in pooling water that surrounds the HVAC unit; this is a problem. Heat pumps can work in the rain without trouble, but it’s a whole other issue when the component is partially submerged in water. The flooding can also wreck the internal motor and wiring. Continue Reading →

Finding Reliable Heating and Air Services in Puyallup

Heating and Cooling Contractor Do you need heating and air service in Puyallup, Washington? With respect to your heater and AC, it’s important to seek a reliable contractor. With company after company to select from, it can be tricky knowing which one will deliver optimal results. Low estimates are certainly desirable, but they don’t necessarily translate to high-level and courteous service. Be mindful of these pointers as you seek trustworthy heating and air servicing.

1. Speak to People You Know

A good way to find a technician in your region is to ask around. Inquire with family members, neighbors, and colleagues regarding the services you require. You should get a few solid leads for your efforts.

2. Do Your Homework

A suggestion from people you know is a strong starting point. However, go a step further. Spend time looking up available HVAC services in your neighborhood. Continue Reading →

How to Identify a Leaking Heat Pump in Waller

leaking heat pump waller The heat pump keeps your home nice and cozy. However, as with any other appliance, it may develop problems down the line. One of those issues is a fluid leak. Learn how to identify a leaking heat pump and why this happens.

Is a Leaking Heat Pump in Waller a Serious Problem?

Although a leak isn’t extremely urgent, the fluid can cause a puddle to form, creating a potential electrical hazard or mold formation. The fluid plays a valuable role in transferring heat from one place to another. When the fluid leaks out, there’s less of it available to perform this vital task, forcing the system to work harder. Inside the home, this can lead to poorer air quality.

Let’s examine some of the issues behind a leak.

Drainage Problems

Most heat pumps contain a drain pan that collects water from the dripping condensation. If the pan is overflowed, the fluid can spill and form a puddle outside the pan. Fortunately, most modern HVAC systems can detect an overflowing pan and automatically shut down the system.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The condensate drain uses several tubes to shuttle moisture out of the home interior. Blockages may arise that disrupt the flow, causing the fluid to back up. Eventually, the backed-up water will drip into the pan until it overflows.

Dirty Coil

The evaporator coil accumulates condensation that drains into the pan. If the coil surface gets dirty or encrusted with dirt, it can lead to faulty operation, causing the fluid to drop to the ground instead.

We Address a Faulty Heat Pump

Give WestCoast Heating and Air a call if you suspect less-than-optimal performance from your furnace or AC system. A leaking heat pump isn’t a reason to panic, but the sooner you act the better for your HVAC’s health. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Reliable Leaking Heat Pump Repair in Waller

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Don’t Neglect Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

winter furnace care sumner 2021 is here and so is winter. Is your furnace in optimal condition to withstand peak usage? Prioritize winter furnace care by making a few easy adjustments to get the most out of the heater while minimizing energy usage.

Inspect the Air Filter 

Change the filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. If you use electrostatic filters, these can be washed and reused. If the furnace also has a humidifier – as some modern models do – then inspect the humidifier’s filter as well. 

Cover the AC Condenser 

Protect the AC condenser when not in use by placing a trashcan lid over it and securing it with bungee cords. Don’t improvise with a plastic tarp, as this will trap moisture and encourage mold growth. The AC condenser is the outer portion containing the grill. 

Note: Do not cover the AC condenser if your HVAC utilizes a heat pump. These systems run year-round and need optimal air circulation.

Keep the Thermostat Consistent

Refrain from constantly adjusting the thermostat’s setting. Doing so increases energy demands on the system. Setting and keeping the system at 68 degrees during waking hours should be enough to keep every indoor occupant cozy. If you still feel a chill, putting on an extra layer of clothing will easily do the trick.

Seal the Air Ducts

An air duct leak can greatly erode indoor air quality and cause up to 20% of heat loss. Have a technician examine the ductwork for any leaks and have any penetrations sealed. Alternatively, you can avoid the issue altogether by upgrading to a ductless heating system.

Let Us Handle Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

Is your home primed for the incoming cold? Contact the experts at WestCoast Heating and Air to schedule a furnace inspection. Leave the winter furnace care to us to ensure ample indoor warmth.

Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

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