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Don’t Neglect Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

winter furnace care in sumner

winter furnace care sumnerWinter is just around the corner. Is your gas furnace in good enough condition to withstand peak use? Make winter furnace care a priority by making some adjustments to keep your home interior cozy while curtailing energy use.

Cover the AC Condenser 

Protect the AC condenser when you’re not using the unit. This is the exterior part of the HVAC with the grill. The way to protect the system is by placing a waste bin lid over it and securing the lid in place with bungee cords. Some people wrap the unit in a tarp. However, we don’t recommend this as this will trap moisture and induce mold growth.

Note: Don’t cover the AC condenser if your HVAC has a heat pump. These systems run year-long and require maximum air circulation.

Keep the Thermostat Consistent

Don’t repeatedly adjust the thermostat’s setting. Having to continuously change temperatures taxes the furnace; this also increases energy demands. A good practice is to keep the thermostat settings at 68 degrees during waking hours. For most people, this is good enough to keep the interior warm. If you’re still cold, donning an extra sweater will do the trick.

Seal the Air Ducts

An air duct leak can diminish indoor air quality and lead to significant heat loss. Have a contractor inspect the ducts for leaks and seal off any penetrations. Make this a non-issue altogether with the installation of a ductless heating system.

Prioritize Winter Furnace Care in Sumner

Is your home interior in condition to deal with the incoming cold weather? Call the pros at WestCoast Heating and Air to arrange for a furnace checkup. Winter furnace care should be on your to-do list if you anticipate a colder-than-usual holiday season.

Winter Furnace Care for Your Sumner Home

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