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Ductless Heating Benefits for the Modern Home in Puyallup

ductless heating benefits in Puyallup

benefits of ductless heatingDuctless heating and cooling systems have diverse advantages that make them a better option over conventional HVAC units. Is your current system adequately providing heat or cool air? The ductless heating benefits are plenty, making the switch a wise investment over the long term.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Explained

With ductless systems, the air conditioner or heat pump consists of an inner wall-mounted unit and an outdoor compressor. As suggested in the name, ductless systems lack ductwork. You just have to drill a hole into the wall to mount the unit.

You may also have heard of ductless systems referred to as mini-split or zoned HVAC systems. This is because you can change the settings for each room without impacting other areas.

Ductless Heating Benefits in Bonney Lake

Since there are no ducts, it’s less prone to air leaks. Escaped air dramatically reduces the system’s heating capacity. In a traditional HVAC system, roughly 25% of heating/cooling air is lost through duct leaks.

Ductless heating and cooling also have greater energy efficiency. It has an inverter compressor that monitors speed and makes adjustments based on current indoor conditions. In a regular HVAC, the compressor fully shuts off and then restarts. The constant shutting down and restarting consumes energy.

So, how energy-efficient are ductless systems? This differs significantly depending on the model and house size. An ENERGY STAR system can save residents roughly 30% on energy costs. Furthermore, you may also qualify for a federal tax credit.

Consider a Ductless System for Your Puyallup Home

Do you notice your energy costs gradually increasing despite no change in use? This could be a sign to replace the existing unit. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for a ductless system installation. This will prove to be a money-saving investment.

Reap the Ductless Heating Benefits in Puyallup

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