Expert Heat Pump Sales and Installation in  Puyallup & the Surrounding Area

Heat Pump Sales and Installation in Puyallup | WestCoast Heating & AirAre you looking for an alternative to lower-efficiency gas furnace and air conditioning units in an effort to more economically keep your home or small business comfortable? Consider the benefits of installing a heat pump! Not only do you get the most efficient heating available, but you also get efficient cooling in an area of the country where most people don’t have air conditioning – but sometimes wish they did. The pros at locally-owned and operated WestCoast Heating & Air have been serving the heat pump sales and installation needs of the greater Puyallup area for many years. Give us a call to discuss the heating, cooling and ventilation options available for your home or small business.

What Makes a Heat Pump More Energy Efficient?

Simply put, a heat pump is an energy efficient heat transporter. It works by constantly moving warm air from one location to another. In the summer the refrigerant in the heat pump absorbs warm air from inside your home and exhausts it outside. In the winter, heat is absorbed from the outside air and pumps it inside. (No matter how cold it is outside, there’s still heat in the air.) Because heat is being moved from one place to another instead of being generated, heat pumps are much more energy efficient than traditional furnaces. They’re also powered by electricity, so no fossil fuels are being burned at your home or business. You use less energy, you save money, and the energy you use is cleaner. What’s not to like?

Expert Heat Pump Sales and Installation

Heat Pump Sales and Installations Professionals  Serving Puyallup and the Surrounding AreasHeat pumps work best in moderate climates, which we’re fortunate to have in the Puget Sound area. And the folks at WestCoast Heating & Air in Puyallup are heat pump sales and installation experts. We’ve helped many local home and business owners in Puyallup and the surrounding area cut their energy costs, lower their carbon footprint, and stay more comfortable inside when it’s cold or too warm for comfort outside. Contact us today to discuss whether a heat pump is right for your specific situation!

Determining What’s Best for Your Home

Every home or small business has its own unique heating and air conditioning needs. That’s why we offer a variety of heating and cooling solutions for our clients. If a heat pump isn’t the right fit for your environment, we can expertly advise you about and supply you with other options. Our technicians have extensive experience with gas furnaces, air conditioners, indoor air quality systems and ductless heating and cooling systems. Call us today and get more comfortable for less!

Heat Pump Sales and Installations Professionals  Serving Puyallup and the Surrounding Areas

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