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How Does Rain Affect the HVAC Equipment in Parkland?

rain and HVAC equipment in Parkland

rain HVAC equipmentSpring rain isn’t uncommon in the Parkland area. Is there a connection between the rain and HVAC equipment? Can rainwater have a negative impact on the outer component of the system?

HVAC Design

First, let’s talk about how an HVAC system works. Air conditioners use a heat pump to shuttle hot air out of the interior. Most households have a split HVAC system where the condenser and compressor are positioned outside. The system is designed to withstand weather elements like UV rays, rain, and snow. Most contemporary models also have a corrosion-proof cover for added durability.

Rain and HVAC Equipment: The Association in Parkland

Rain poses a minimal threat to the HVAC. However, prolonged and severe rains can lead to floods that partially submerge the HVAC unit. This is where the problem arises. This can interfere with the heat pump’s operation. Flooding can also damage the internal wiring and motor.

Protecting the HVAC Unit

Some people protect the HVAC from rain by placing a tarp or other covering over it. This isn’t advisable because this can lead to a damp environment beneath the tarp and keep moisture from evaporating. Condensation forms, and the prolonged moisture creates corrosion. Other homeowners also place decor on top of the HVAC. Doing this may impede airflow.

Let Us Help

Light rain isn’t a major cause for concern. If ponding water occurs around your HVAC system, then it may be worth contacting WestCoast Heating and Air for an inspection. Any water-related damage can affect performance, in turn having an adverse effect on indoor air quality. The rain and HVAC system can be a bad combination when the downpour leads to pooling water. 

Rain and HVAC Equipment Care in Parkland

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Posted on May 4, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business

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