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How Long Does AC Freon Near Graham Last?

AC freon near Graham

AC freon near GrahamThe freon in your HVAC system has a significant role in cooling your Graham residence. Do you have to swap out the AC freon in the system much the same way you replace the fluids in your vehicle?

The Lifespan of AC Freon

How long does freon last? Does it last upwards of 10 years or longer? How about two or three decades? It actually lasts indefinitely. Freon in an AC is cycled inside an enclosed system and isn’t burned like the gasoline in a gas furnace. However, the freon moves through a tube-like structure. If this tube ruptures and starts leaking freon, then that’s when you have to replace the fluid.

Symptoms of Low Freon Levels

When freon levels fall to low levels, the AC has to perform overtime to provide the same output. This leads to a rise in your utility bill. Another symptom is a loss in indoor air quality. You may notice the air feels stuffy or warmer than the air outside. Another sign is condensation on the HVAC system’s surface. Condensation, however, can indicate a plethora of other problems.

How to Identify a Leak

Change the air filter. If you have an exterior HVAC system, remove any physical obstructions that could be blocking airflow to the vents. Does the air from the air conditioner still feel “warmish?” If it does, then the HVAC probably is leaking freon. The next course of action is to hire a technician for an examination. A technician can precisely measure freon levels by using a commercial manifold gauge tool.

We Replenish Air Conditioning Freon Near Graham

If there’s an AC freon leak, we may change the tube or the entire HVAC system; it all depends on how severe the problem is. Whatever the case, call WestCoast Heating and Air if the HVAC isn’t running optimally. If your system is outdated, we may suggest a contemporary ductless cooling system for improved energy output.

AC Freon Replacement

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