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How to Identify a Leaking Heat Pump in Waller

leaking heat pump in Waller

leaking heat pump wallerThe heat pump keeps your house interior cozy. However, like all appliances, it can wear with regular use and age. One common problem is a leaking heat pump. Learn the signs of a leak and why this occurs.

How Serious Is a Leaking Heat Pump in Waller?

Although a leak isn’t super urgent, the fluid can create a puddle under the HVAC unit. This poses an electrical hazard and can also create an environment for mold. The fluid transfers heat from one location to the next. If a leak occurs, there’s less fluid available for this task, leading to less proficient heating. The system will then expend more energy, not to mention it can erode air quality.

Let’s look at the issues behind a leak.

Drainage Problems

Most heat pumps have a drain pan that intercepts water from the dripping condensation. If the pan begins to overflow, the fluid can spill and form a puddle outside the pan. Luckily, most contemporary HVAC units can detect an overflowing pan and automatically shut off as a protective measure.

Clogged Condensate Drain

The condensate drain uses multiple tubes to move water out of the home interior. Blockages may occur that impede the flow, leading to a fluid backup. Eventually, the backed-up water will pour into the pan until it overflows.

Dirty Coil

The evaporator coil accrues condensation that drains into the pan. If the coil gets too dirty or attracts dirt, it can hamper operation, causing the fluid to leak to the ground and not into the pan.

We Address a Faulty Heat Pump

Contact WestCoast Heating and Air if you notice less-than-stellar operation from the furnace or AC systems. A leaking heat pump isn’t too serious, but it is a reason to take action by giving us a call.

Reliable Leaking Heat Pump Repair in Waller

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