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How to Identify Heat Pump Problems Near Parkland

heat pump problems in Parkland

heat pump problem, heat pumpMore residents are turning to heat pumps as an energy-saving alternative to conventional furnaces. However, like most appliances, problems will arise eventually. It’s important to identify heat pump problems early on and contact a technician for repairs before issues worsen.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Is the heat pump failing to switch on? It may have one of these problems:

  • Broken thermostat: there may be an improper calibration with the thermostat or bad wiring.
  • Faulty reversing valve: the reversing valve reverses the flow of the refrigerant, enabling the appliance to function as both a heater and air conditioner. A broken reversing valve may prevent the HVAC from turning on.
  • Broken starter capacitator: Do you hear a clicking noise when turning on the unit? The problem may be with the starter capacitator; this component may not be transmitting an electrical current to the motor. 

No Heat

If there’s a lack of heat, there could be a blockage. This can be due to exterior debris, such as leaves and twigs. This impedes the appliance from shuttling outdoor heat into the house interior. It may also be that you have a dirty air filter that prevents the compressor from getting adequate air.

It Runs Nonstop

The thermostat controls indoor temperatures by switching the heat pump on and off. If it runs continuously without cycling off, then that’s a cause for alarm. Again, you may be dealing with a thermostat miscalibration. Another potential culprit is a worn compressor contractor.

We Treat Heat Pump Problems in Parkland

We repair and install both heat pumps and conventional gas furnaces. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air if you identify irregularities in your HVAC. Heat pump problems won’t go away by themselves and require professional servicing.

We Diagnose Heat Pump Problems in Parkland

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