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How to Increase Your Indoor Air Quality System This Winter in Puyallup

indoor air quality system in Puyallup

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With winter comes dry air due to the lack of humidity. Puyallup homeowners may notice this as bodily symptoms begin appearing, such as dry skin. This is directly related to your indoor air quality system. Fortunately, there are adjustments you can make to introduce more humidity into your living quarters.

Why Low Humidity Can Be Harmful

It’s all about indoor air quality and how humidity impacts the surrounding environment. Humidity drops in winter because cold air is not able to hold water vapor as well as hot air. The dry weather can lead to minor health issues like dry throat and chapped lips. Low humidity can also aggravate your mucous membrane, inhibiting its ability to fight off germs that lead to a fever and the common cold.

Ways to Improve Indoor Humidity

Your HVAC plays a significant role in the home’s humidity levels. Old-style forced-air heating units, for example, suck moisture out of the air. Replacing the unit with a new gas furnace will have a positive effect on humidity.

Another option is to buy a portable vaporizer. This appliance boils water and sends the vapor airborne. One benefit of this is that it lessens the concentration of airborne viruses since the water is boiled, thereby destroying the bacteria. Vaporizers, though, do consume a lot of energy. They also require regular cleaning.

Add Indoor Plants

If you desire an environmentally-friendlier route, then incorporate some houseplants. Through what is known as transpiration, plants release moisture into the air through their stems and leaves. For optimal results, water the plants according to their watering needs.

Enhance the Indoor Air Quality System in Puyallup

A good New Year’s resolution is to upgrade your residence with a modern ductless heating system. This keeps the indoors warm while keeping energy use down and offsetting uncomfortably low humidity. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for a long-term solution to maintain just the right level of humidity.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality System in Puyallup

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