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How to Prevent Wall Ghosting in Puyallup

wall ghosting in Puyallup

wall ghosting

What is wall ghosting? Ghosting in this sense doesn’t refer to any paranormal activity. This is actually an industry jargon that refers to a condition that manifests on residential walls and ceilings. Learn what ghosting is and how to minimize it.

What Is Wall Ghosting in Puyallup?

Ghosting occurs when blackish streaks appear on the wall. If untreated, the streaks may expand and encompass the seams around the walls, studs, and rafters. At times, the streaks may form shapes that resemble a human outline, hence the term ghosting. However, this isn’t the result of a ghost haunting the home. Rather, it has a completely natural cause.

What Causes Ghosting?

The streaks occur due to the buildup of dirt, contaminants, and airborne particles. Some industry insiders also refer to ghosting as thermal tracking. Whatever you call it, causes may stem from the following:

  • high electrostatic pressure
  • high level of air shuttling through the home’s duct and ventilation system
  • Irregular indoor air quality, such as extremely high humidity

Ghosting may also be a sign of worn insulation. It also happens more often during cold seasons as chilly air makes contact with the wall and acts as a magnet for dirt.

How to Prevent Ghosting

Here are some ways to keep ghosting to a minimum:

  • Vacuum weekly or more if you have a carpeted floor
  • prevent open drafts by sealing windows and doors
  • Be sure heaters, stoves, and dryers receive sufficient ventilation 
  • Periodically replace the filter in the AC and gas furnace

Some homeowners just paint over the streaks. This is only a temporary measure as the steaks will eventually return to the same spot within a couple of months.

We Improve Indoor Conditions

As you can see, ghosting partly stems from issues with the HVAC system. Contact WestCoast Heating & Air for an assessment of your cooling and heating systems to ensure they’re all running smoothly. This will prevent all future recurrences of wall ghosting.

Wall Ghosting Prevention in Puyallup

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