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How to Reduce Cooling Costs This Summer in Graham

reduce cooling costs in Graham

air conditioning sales and installationSummer heat waves usually reach their peak in July. Most Graham homeowners combat this by increasing air conditioner use. This also means more energy use, in turn leading to higher energy costs. Fortunately, there are some minor changes you can make at home to significantly reduce cooling costs.

1. Invest in a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan cools the home via what is known as the wind-chill effect. The fan doesn’t cool the interior directly. Instead, it accelerates the rate at which heat is able to leave your skin. A ceiling fan in conjunction with the AC also helps to disperse the cool air. This can help homeowners raise the thermostat by around four degrees while maintaining a similar cooling effect.

2. Be Smart with Your AC Use

The closer the indoor temperature is to the outdoor air the more energy you save. You can reduce energy use by around 18% by switching the thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of the more typical 72 degrees. The interior will be slightly warmer, but still tolerable.

3. Maintain Cooling Systems

Replace or wash the AC filter every 30 days. A dirty filter inhibits air movement, making the system work about 5% to 15% harder. Furthermore, be sure the outdoor condenser coil and indoor floor registers are free of debris.

4. Minimize Indoor Heat Accumulation

Improve indoor air quality by reducing heat. Unbeknownst to most homeowners, small daily actions can accrue heat. This includes using appliances that produce heat, such as the microwave and dryer. Consider using these appliances in the evening when the temperature relents a bit.

Reduce Cooling Costs to Lower Energy Use in Graham

You can also install a ductless heating and cooling system as a long-term investment and solution to reduce cooling costs. WestCoast Heating & Air can install a unit for your home or business. It’s very much possible to stay cool without hiking up your energy spending.

Reduce Cooling Costs with HVAC Upgrades in Graham

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Posted on July 4, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business

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