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Tips for Reducing Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

reduce indoor humidity in Puyallup

Summer is here. The heat alone in Puyallup isn’t too bad; it’s the combination of the heat and high humidity that gives the weather that icky and “sticky” feel. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce indoor humidity at home. This makes the summer weather more bearable.

Maintain Relative Humidity

Summer humidity in Puyallup typically ranges between 30% to 45%. Try to cut down the humidity if it’s higher than 45%. Use a hygrometer to test the humidity. You can purchase one at Amazon at a low cost.

Switch on the AC

Turn on the air conditioner and check to verify that it’s operating smoothly. The AC blows cold air into the room while cycling out warm and humid air. For maximum effect, regularly change out the AC filter. This is especially important if you own an older system that’s more than a decade old. For even better results, invest in the installation of a ductless heating and cooling system.

Take Cold Showers

Homeowners tend to take warm showers even in the summer. Try to shower with cold water instead. Cold water doesn’t release as much vapor into the air. This prevents humidity from spiking after a shower. When you take cold showers or baths, it also lowers your body temperature, making your body feel naturally cooler.

Remove Indoor Plants

Plants release moisture. If you have several indoor plants, move them outside until summer is over. If you choose to keep them in place, then relocate them to a room with adequate open windows and ventilation.

Use Charcoal

Here’s a DIY trick using charcoal briquettes. Charcoal is a natural absorbent that absorbs moisture from the air. Place some briquettes in an open container and leave them out. Replace the briquettes every several days.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

Indoor air quality has every bit as much to do with humidity. The HVAC also has a major role, and this is where WestCoast Heating and Air comes in. Contact us to find out how we can serve your AC and cooling needs.

Reduce Indoor Humidity in Puyallup

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