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Common Furnace Noises in Puyallup and What They Say About Your HVAC

common furnace noises in Puyallup

common furnace noises puyallupNo HVAC is completely quiet while it’s running, not even modern ductless heaters. The sound is usually an even hum. However, if you notice abnormal sounds coming from the furnace, then this may be the appliance giving off signs that something is wrong. Here are some of the common furnace noises and what they may indicate.

Be Mindful of These Furnace Sounds

Grinding – A metal-to-metal grinding noise may hint at a part detaching from the main unit. This can cause further damage if no action is taken.

Squeal – If you hear a squeaking noise or a constant screech, there may be a cracked belt in the blower assembly. A faulty belt can lead to a noticeable loss of heating power and air quality.

Rumbling – If you hear a loud bang in a gas furnace, the fuel is probably not adequately burning. The gas is igniting all at once instead of at a steady rate. This is a safety hazard; we recommend shutting off the appliance and calling a technician. Though rare, the gas not igniting correctly can cause a fire to break out.

Rattling – The furnace rattling and vibrating may be a sign of a loose blower motor. There may also be a loose bolt in the access hatch. The bolts may not have been fully tightened the last time the hatch was opened and shut.

When to Replace Your Furnace

The above noises are more common in older gas furnaces. While we can diagnose and repair most problems, we often suggest a replacement if the unit is more than two decades old. If repairing an older furnace, it’s only a matter of a few years before another issue arises.

We Troubleshoot Common Furnace Noises in Puyallup

Abnormal noises from the furnace calls for a professional diagnosis. Call WestCoast Heating and Air for an evaluation of the system. Some of the common furnace noises warrant a thorough inspection.

Common Furnace Noises, Furnace Diagnosis and Troubleshooting in Puyallup

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